NEEMIC presents at crowdfunding conference

Our platform Agrachina is raising funds promising projects in the field of sustainable agriculture. Same as in other countries, is crowdfunding becoming a popular way in China to raise funds for meaningful projects and start-ups. Our urban organic fashion project NEEMIC offers many benefits for the society and potential backers, therefore we are considering crowdsourcing as a viable option. Recently we got invited to present our concept at a crowdsourcing conference.

On 25 April 2014 the Chinese Internet Financial Forum took place in Beijing’s Chaoyang Park to discuss the latest development in the Chinese crowdfunding market. Follow this link to see the conference agenda which was hosted by the business magazine 01Caijing (零壹财经). Hans Martin Galliker was invited to present NEEMIC’s urban organic fashion concept. In the following discussion the other forum participants emphasised that China is well advised to step-up in the value chain, to build international brands that proudly wear the “Designed in China” label. The efforts from NEEMIC and our partner-organization Beijing Fashion Collective are exactly going into that direction, being an example how to integrate creativity and sustainability into the core business activities.

Stylish Eco-Fashion - Designed in China - NEEMIC

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The crowdfunding market can be roughly divided into consumer segment and business segment. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are well-known crowdfunding platforms sell an initial production to early-adaptor consumers. This concept of iterative product marketing is also popular amongst younger entrepreneurs and designers and has lead to China-domestic alternatives such as DemoHour (点名时间) or the lifestyle-centric Fashion.VC.

In the business segment larger projects, start-ups and small businesses get funded in exchange with equity. Such internet funding is in many countries happening in a legal grey zone, and so it is in China. This sometimes leads to legal difficulties such when recently start-ups where selling shares (read here) via the popular online shopping platform Taobao. Specialized B2B crowdfunding platforms find ways to circumvent the legal insecurities. In China are these for example HongLing Capital (红岭创投) or on international stage Funding CircleCrowdcube or the curated C-crowd.

Agrachina x Interactive Beijing for OurAir!

Starting in March 2013, Agrachina has been actively supporting the innovation platform Interactive Beijing. Interactive Beijing is an innovation platform that aims to inform, inspire, and incubate. This year’s focus campaign is called “OurAir!” to crowdsource innovations to improve Beijing’s air quality.

The Interactive Beijing founder, CAFA professor Feijun and DIDELIDI digital agency owner agreed this collaboration with Agrachina founder Hans Martin Galliker for strategical collaboration in order to strengthen the exchange between the power of sustainable design and the importance of agriculture in urban areas.

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Update August 2013:
This latest video* vividly shows the challenges and how the OurAir! campaign aims to crowdsource ideas

* Video directed by Beijing Fashion Collective associate Derrick Wang who already directed the award-winning fashion dance video “Return” (Chinese version here) for NEEMIC.