Agrachina Group is of a bunch of young entrepreneurs from China, USA and Switzerland that share the dream of a more sustainable agriculture for the sake of a better society.


Active Members

Xiaochen “Susan” Chou Susan started her own translation agency when she was studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University. After graduation and one year of work experience, Susan made the decision to establish her own company and turned her focus to e-commerce and online shopping. Susan met Hans and Greg in Beijing before their trip around China and was attracted to their vision immediately. After witnessing the strong economic growth in agriculture and the government concern on the sector, Susan recognized that this was a critical time for the industry with trends towards privatization and high-end products. Now Susan has successfully launched her first online shop for affordable women apparel www.luoliweiwei.com. Beside her activities in e-commerce she would like to go deeper into sustainable agriculture.
Shenzen, China
Eric Cohn Eric graduated Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in 2008 with a BA in Finance and Organization & Management.  Post graduation, Eric took a position in the Leveraged Finance group in Wachovia’s Investment Bank.  As an analyst, Eric focuses on origination and execution of LBO’s, restructurings and multiple types of capital markets raises. After living abroad in Italy and traveling internationally, Eric cultivated an interest in international business and green agricultural investments.
New York City, United States
Qiang Qing “Antonia” Fu After graduation from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2008, Antonia started her postgraduate program of Hospitality Management in Switzerland. She spent another one year to study French in Geneva. She was deeply attracted by the breathtaking landscape and the pure nature in Switzerland. Since she met Hans in Beijing and was introduced his project, she began to pay more attention to the Chinese agricultural industry and got more interested in the organic food market. Her knowledge of marketing and good interpersonal skills could also be considered as advantages.
Beijing, China
Hans Martin Galliker Hans grew up on a farm, made an agricultural apprenticeship, earned his money in the IT industry, studied business communication and now feels the passion for changing the agricultural industry to the better. His dream is that farming will become a substantial, valued part of the world economy by producing healthy products in a socially sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Hans is responsible for driving AgraChina’s vision and its interactions with partners and all stakeholders.
Zurich, Switzerland & Shenzhen, China
Greg Lepkoff After living in Barcelona, Greg Lepkoff had growing interest in emerging markets in Asia.  Through research, he narrowed his focus to China’s economic and social development, which then lead him to a specific interest in Chinese agriculture.  Greg earned his bachelors degree in Chinese Modern History and Culture in New York at Binghamton University.  Greg later moved to China to further his research.  He lived with a Chinese family, became fluent in Chinese, and developed a wealth of knowledge about Chinese culture. After driving through 16 Chinese provinces over an 8 week period, Greg he could deepen his insights in the Chinese agriculture.  He grew a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and believes China’s organic industry has a very bright future.
Beijing, China